Boudoir Photography

Please enjoy this gallery of sample images from some of our recent boudoir photography sessions. We believe that every woman is beautiful regardless of her size or the color of her skin. Let the talented photographers at Inner Vision Images bring out the beauty in you.

Hidee Cardona-20110806-0185-DigiPix.jpgJenna Jauch 100124--05926-DigiPix.jpgJoy-20150522-0061-Edit-DigiPix.jpgKat Boston 080405-08496-DigiPix.jpgLena Belle-20141107-0025-DigiPix.jpgRebel Rose-20150512-0017-Edit-DigiPix.jpgRebel Rose-20150512-0091-Edit-DigiPix.jpgTori Alice-20140418-15-DigiPix.jpgTori Alice-20140418-45-DigiPix.jpgPalooza-20160918-0118-PP.jpgSutter-20160913-0125-PP_pp.jpgSutter-20160913-0140-PP.jpg

    Capitol City Boudoir is one of Sacramento's premier boudoir photography studios and, since 2004 is part of the Inner Vision Images family of photography studios.

    If you’re looking for a special gift for your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, or just want to treat yourself to a unique gift, our professional boudoir photo session is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Boudoir-style photography is sensual and sexy. With our boudoir clients, we focus on making the woman feel attractive. It’s not about being in perfect shape, thin, or young: instead we highlight your best features to create a beautiful shot.

    In order to create amazing images for boudoir clients, we’ve decided that every woman who walks into our studio needs to be treated and pampered like a professional model!

    You will have your choice of sensual, romantic backgrounds, sets, props and accossories. We can even arrange for professional hair styling and makeup services.

    All of our boudoir-style sessions may be extended with either our Contemporary Pinup or Artistic Nude add-ons giving you greater flexibility and variety in your session.

    Together with Capitol City Boudoir, you can create images to treasure forever!

    Certified Professional Photographer

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